世界上最有影響力的設計師之一,也是Frency&Mercury的創始人, 已經使用自己的名字Eque.M在一個新品牌下推出了一個新系列。
今天,Eque. M的大膽而精緻的創作。 Eque. M受到30多個國家的全球時尚領導者的讚揚。該品牌已經成為超越時尚和功能性配飾品牌的存在。這是一種生活方式,可以為每一位粉絲帶來優雅感。
品牌由來自日本的設計師Eque San帶著日本人的完美主義及在西方學習到的藝術設計創建,開創出一條屬於西方風格化的墨鏡及光學眼鏡,讓眼鏡不再只是配件,隱藏在眼鏡中更是一種迷人魅力的品味展現。Frency&Mercury所有商品全程皆在日本福井縣手工生產,金屬上都是純鈦材質,更有搭配14K和925的純銀,鏡片使用高標準CR39加上防UV鍍膜,品質比一般太陽眼鏡更為精緻,在亞洲國家已被時尚、藝術、音樂等諸多領域肯定,從工藝到時尚,Frency&Mercury跳脫一般眼鏡思維,延續日本傳統工匠精神,再以完美比例且嚴謹的工序,成為日本設計師品牌中除了重視舒適配戴,同時並駕歐美潮流品牌設計與美感的時尚精品。

One of the worlds most influential designer, who is also a founder of Frency & Mercury, has launched a new collection under a new brand using its own name Eque.M.

Frency & Mercury begins with more than a name for eyewear. It is a movement started in 2005 with the unchanging motto: Let yourself be as graceful as you are.

“Bold and Fearless” is at the core of the unchanging ethic of the brand. The designer, Eque. M, combines this belief and superior functionality, to bring every wearer the eyewear experience of a lifetime. In an era of varied identities and an overflow of information, the brand is a one and only existence that proposes a unique view of style and luxury.

Today, the bold, yet delicate creations of Eque. M, are praised by global fashion leaders in over 30 countries. The brand has become an existence beyond a fashion and functional accessory brand. It is a lifestyle that brings out the gracefulness in each and every fan.

Eque.M strives to discover the destiny of your Facescape.


Eque M, One of the most dedicated designers of our time. He started his company at the age of 25 and created many innovating eyewear, but before he became a pioneer of his own brand “Frency & Mercury” he used to work for another eyewear company.

Here is a bit of his history about success and what influence him to reach his aspirations.

He started his journey in California Orange County at the age 20. He found California very interesting, and was amazed by the ocean because of his extreme love for surfing. There he started to work at different eyewear companies, at first there were a few word barrier problems, but with a little perseverance he overcome this minor obstacle.

He was happy but he was in a constant search for something bigger and has no plans to just settle. He grew fond of a lot of thing in his stay in California like its culture, their weather, the people’s smiles, and the beauty of nature itself.

All those factors inspired him of different colors, great patterns and amazing designs that encouraged him to make his own eyewear brand. Why an eyewear? Why not clothes? You may ask. His idea was simple, he found that eyewear’s are most important wardrobe because the first thing you notice about a person is their face, and to make your appearance stand out, you will need an eyewear for that.

So, he packed his bag and flew back to his motherland “Japan” to establish his own brand of eyewear.


Every Eque.M piece is the accumulation of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, which can only be found in Fukui, Japan.

Having Bold and Fearless as our virtue, and a relentless attention for detail, every craftsman is proud of every meticulous creation, in pursuit of beauty and functionality.

Our acetate finishes that bring out the brilliant colors and our signature dazzling luster require significantly more time than the average procedure. Our metal creations demand the use of the purest titanium, refined in Japan, which with the intricate designs, is reveled by critics and fans from around the world.

The passion of each and every craftsman, pursuit for the next “Bold and Fearless,” and love for every fan that we encounter, is the story behind every piece.

Handmade in Japan by Eque.M. The promise of eternal passion for excellence and craftsmanship.